Multi-Passionate Creative

Advocating for the value of creative work in inspiring and changing the world to be more compassionate. My first love is theatre, but with an entrepreneurial spirit and a wide array of skills, I follow the creativity!

About Me

I’m currently a college student completing a Musical Theatre BFA with a minor in Technical Theatre at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. I chose to pursue theatre because it is the epicenter of creative connection. Every production needs directors, musicians, actors, dancers, & artists of all kinds from costume designers to painters.

Not only does theatre facilitate a safe meeting space for creative people, but it also opens the door to understanding intersectional identities and the unique values brought by each individual.

It is in this space that I believe ideas can spread, such as teaching the value of compassion. Though I primarily focus on performing and directing, the exact title I take on is less important than the impact of the work I do. At the end of the day, I want to be able to celebrate life and the wonders of being human together.

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Featured Work

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Top: Show selected charcoal portrait, Best-in-Show rainbow dancer
Bottom: Belle (2019) w/ original set design, Vivian Mooster (2019)