Alexa Powell - Director

As a director, I aim to leave a sustainable positive impact that can support & extend a performer’s career.


  • To welcome people from all backgrounds & experiences
  • To promote theatre as a tool for self growth, expression, and community building
  • To prioritize personal health (mental, physical, and emotional)
  • To provide support and mentorship to further education & understanding in all desirable areas
  • To create a safe environment where mistakes are encouraged¬†as an integral part of growth
  • To spend every moment learning from each other – no one knows everything!
  • To acknowledge the frequent financial barrier to the arts & finding ways to still make it accessible
  • To maximize use of storage & upcycling in pursuit of both financial & environmental sustainability
  • To elevate the creative skills each person in the room can offer towards the production
  • To validate the unique intersectional identities and experiences of each person
  • To set & encourage clear boundaries and personal practices to ensure individual safety
  • To check-in with interpersonal humanity, not just on professional & project progress

From conception to 3 sold-out shows, I’m proud to share Starkid’s Firebringer as my first production in the Director’s chair! 

I had an amazing, all-student production team from costumes to lighting to sound design. This goofy, feel-good production was exactly what we needed coming out of the pandemic. It was presented thrust-style in an intimate black box. This opened the door to many interesting elements such as audience interaction, close encounters, and directly breaking the fourth wall in many directions. I strongly believe in learning by doing, so I launched a dedicated student production legacy fund beginning with donations collected through Firebringer. I guess you could say it lit a FIRE under me, as I can’t wait to find my next directing adventure!

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